Eggplant Parmigiana is a classical Italian dish born in the Emilian town of Parma that spread all over Italy and abroad becoming one of the best-known Italian recipes ever.

Let’s see how to make it especially nice-looking presenting it as a Pie, with a floral ispired design.


n. 3 medium sized Eggplants
n. 3 buffalo Mozzarella balls
250 gr of Pasta brisèe
10/15 Cherry tomatoes or 2 medium Roma tomatoes


Step 1

Cut the Eggplant in very thin slices and golden fry them in oil (better if olive oil). To make the recipe healthier, you can use your air frier or hoven.

Also cut mozzarella and tometoes in thin slices.



Step 2

In a baking pan, put a layer of pasta brisé and start creating your pie by positioning alternatively the thin slices of mozzarella eggplant and tomato.

Finish with a drizzle of olive and fresh basil and put in the hover for 35 minutes at 356 ° and it’s done!